Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Ultimate Top 10 Go-To List

Do you know The Ultimate Top 10 Go-To List for keeping out of trouble and having a great life?
Our grandson didn' first.

He'd gotten into trouble. The being-grounded-from-everything-including-his-new-tablet kind of trouble.

Our daughter called to tell us what happened, then put her son on the phone so he could admit to it.

"Oh Honey, why did you do that?" my husband and I asked him.

His first reply of, "I don't know," didn't cut it.

Since he was scheduled to spend the next week with us in Grandparent Play-Land, we knew we held an ace in the truth deck.

"Well, you can come over as soon as you give us the real reason."

Our grandson called me the next day to say, "I did it because I wanted to."

Hey, it was the truth. Fair enough.

I asked him, "OK, have you heard of the 10 Commandments?"

"The 10 Comma-what's?"

"It's God's Top 10 list. Do you want to learn them when you come over?"

I could almost hear his mental wheels turning. Learn the stuff and get my tablet back. Yes!
He agreed speedily.

Walking through the King James Version of the bible with a 3rd grader can be as effective as using bubble gum for hair gel. Painfully sticky.

So instead of memorizing obsolete language, we checked to see what God was saying.

And here it is courtesy of our 8 year old grandson:

God's Top 10 Go-To List For Keeping Out of Trouble and Having a Great Life

1) God is #1.
2) Don't worship idols.
3) Keep God's name holy. Skip the "OMG's."
4) Spend a holy day with God every week.
5) Listen to your parents, & be nice to them.
6) Don't murder people.
7) Only smooch with your own wife or husband.
8) Don't take stuff that's not yours.
9) Don't lie about people.
10) Don't crave other people's stuff.

Jesus condensed those ten to two:

1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul,
 all your mind, and all your strength.
2) Love your neighbor like you love yourself.

Great advice whether you're 8 or 80. And yes, our grandson got his tablet back.


Photos courtesy of Stuart