Friday, April 14, 2017

Love, Loss, and Victory

My husband, Jake, looked at our kitchen clock and said, "It's 5:30. The closing must be done by now."

"The closing" seemed to reference more than the sale of his late parents' house, the home Jake and his siblings had grown up in.

Earlier that day, Jake had walked through the house for the last time.
Instead of family racket, only the faint echo of his boots sounded on the bare wooden floor.
Empty closets.
Empty rooms.
An empty space. 

It held no trace of his parents, or the family they'd raised there.
Jake left the keys, and walked away.

Did Jesus followers feel that emptiness when he was condemned to die?

For three years they'd followed him--the preacher, the prophet, the healer, their friend.
With Jesus' death, emptiness seeped in.
Empty hearts.
Empty dreams.
Empty hopes left at a blood-stained cross.

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But victory came three days later.
Jesus rose from the dead.
He left an empty tomb.

That empty grave equaled victory, not only for them, but for us as well.

Jesus rose to fill our emptiness;
to give us victory in place of despair.

Instead of an empty life, Jesus offers us a new life filled with his love.
And it's available to anyone who'll accept it.

New love.
New life.
New beginnings.

If you're tired of the emptiness,
If you want a fresh start, 
If you need a new beginning,
Pray this simple prayer,

"Jesus, please forgive my sins, and be my savior."

 Giving your life to Jesus is the start of your new life.
A life of hope.
A life of love.
A life of victory. 

If you want to know more before taking that life-changing step, please go to Billy Graham's "Find Peace with God" website.

If you've just prayed that prayer, please let me know. We'll celebrate your new life, and your new victory!